How To Choose a Fence Installation Company

Here are 10 helpful tips to consider when choosing an installer for your fence:

  1. Ask other home improvement professionals (who are not in the fence installation business) for recommendations.
  2. Get at least three estimates for both materials and labor. Be sure the contractor breaks it out for you. The estimate should be a statement of exactly what will take place and the amount of time allocated for the work.
  3. Beware of contractors who ask for a signature and a deposit on the same day. Instead, agree to give them a deposit on the day the work begins.
  4. In most cases, you shouldn't pay more than 25% down, and then the remaining balance when the job is complete.
  5. Call or visit the BBB for accredited companies.
  6. Look for the company you're considering in online news sources and check for customer reviews online.
  7. Ask if the contractor backs up his labor with a written guarantee. Most manufacturers warranty the material and the contractor should warranty the labor.
  8. Ask the contractor if he or she services and installs using employees or sub-contractors. Make sure you know who's responsible is there is a problem.
  9. Ask if the contractor maintains a commercial place of business.
  10. Request that your materials come from a local company that manufacturers or fabricates the product locally so the lead time is reduced. Plus, if you need extra parts, you won't have to wait for weeks from an out-of-town manufacturer.